Unalarming Discursions

Embedded Engineering Field Notes. Made by @jjmilburn.

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Josh Milburn is a professional engineer working on energy access problems with Angaza. He enjoys the technical challenges of embedded development and mixed-signal design, and finds working with a distributed team to accomplish high-impact development goals very satisfying.

This site is where I’ll put (mostly technical) discoveries that come up during the course of my work. You might find something of interest if remotely located embedded systems for M2M monitoring and control applications is of interest (or, if you’re enamored of publicity and fancy names for old concepts, ‘IoT’).

Other Content

Below you’ll find other content I’ve generated, mostly for archival purposes.

Logical Anomaly

An older blog from my time spent on industrial control systems, it can be found here.

Picohydro in Rwanda

Content related to picohydro survey work performed in Rwanda in 2012 under a grant from the UC Davis Blum Center for Developing Economies.