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Embedded Reliability Blog Series (Angaza)

A brief notice about a new blog series I’ll be authoring for Angaza.

Instead of posting the same content in both places, I’m including a link here to a new blog series I’ll be working on over the next few months. It focuses on the testing philosophy and tooling we use for embedded projects at Angaza, and hopefully gives some insight into why we select the level of testing that we do.

I’ll also leave you with a fun factoid regarding embedded software at NASA:

The Urine Processor Assembly (UPA) is part of the life support in the ISS. The UPA controller consists of 47 KLOCs of C code.

Thats 8 KLOCs less than the Materials Science Research Rack, which exists to ‘provide the common subsystems and interfaces required for the operation of experiment hardware, accomodate telescience capabilities, and provide the capability for simultaneous on-orbit processing.’